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Chapter 5: The Self Learning Objectives 1. Describe some key aspects of the self-concept. 2. Cite two types of self-discrepancies and describe their effects. 3. Describe two ways of coping with self-discrepancies. 4. Discuss important factors that help form the self-concept. 5. Discuss how individualism and collectivism influence self-concept. 6. Describe the implications of self-concept confusion and self-esteem instability. 7. Discuss how low and high self-esteem are related to adjustment. 8. Distinguish between high self-esteem and narcissism, and discuss narcissism and aggression. 9. Discuss some key influences in the development of self-esteem. 10. Summarize the findings on ethnicity and gender regarding self-esteem. 11. Distinguish between automatic and controlled processing. 12. Define self-attributions and identify the key dimension of attributions. 13. Explain how optimistic and pessimistic attributional styles are related to adjustment.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Discuss three motives that guide self-understanding. 15. Describe four strategies people use to maintain positive feelings about the self. 16. Define self-regulation and explain the ego-depletion model of self-regulation. 17. Explain why self-efficacy is important to psychological adjustment. 18. Describe how individuals develop self-efficacy. 19. Describe the three categories of self-defeating behavior. 20. Explain why and when individuals engage in impression management. 21 Cite some strategies people use to make positive impressions on others. 22. Describe how high self-monitors differ from low self-monitors. 23. Explain when it is inadvisable to increase one’s self-esteem and why this is so. 24. Describe seven ways to build self-esteem....
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