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CHEMISTRY 231 STUDY GOALS AND HOMEWORK Chapter 4 – Reactions in Aqueous Solutions (Chang 9th Ed) 1. Be familiar with properties of solutions aqueous solutions; classify aqueous solutions as electrolytes or nonelectrolytes. Section 4.1 Problems: 4.1 – 4.8 2. Write chemical equations to describe precipitation reactions(complete balanced equations, complete ionic equations, net ionic equations); use solubility rules (Table 4.2) to predict whether a precipitate will form if aqueous solutions are mixed or whether a compound is soluble or insoluble in water. Section 4.2. Problems: 4.17 – 4.20 3. Describe properties of acids and bases; be familiar with common acids and bases; be familiar with Arrhenius definitions of acids and bases. Section 4.3, Problems; 4.26, 4.30 – 4.33 4. Write a chemical equation to describe a neutralization reaction and write a complete ionic and net ionic equation for a neutralization reaction. Section 4.3
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Unformatted text preview: Problems; 4.33, 4.34 5. Understand the concept of “oxidation number” and learn rules used to assign oxidation number; know definition of oxidation-reduction (redox) and determine if a chemical species has been oxidized or reduced in a chemical equation Section 4.4 Problems: 4.37, 4.40, 4.45-4.49 6. Be able to classify a reaction as precipitation, neutralization or redox based on information discussed in the chapter. 7. Express the concentration of a solution in molarity; explain the preparation of a solution by calculating the amount of solute required for a given concentration; make calculations to dilute a stock solution to a less concentrated solution. Section 4.5 Problems: 4.60 – 4.62, 4.69 – 4.72 8. Describe the steps in acid-base titration and understand the stochiometry of acid-base titrations Section; 4.7 Problems: 4.85 – 4.88 SUPPLEMENTAL PROBLEMS: 4.102, 4.106, 4.114, 4.138...
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