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Lect 6, text 102-108

Lect 6, text 102-108 - 1 102-108 The Small Intestine...

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102-108 The Small Intestine: - Divided into three regions: 1. Duodenum: receiving end of small intestine a. Receives secretions from gallbladder via common bile duct b. Pancreatic juice released into pancreatic duct—joins common bile duct c. Sphincter of Oddi: regulates flow of pancreatic juice and bile into small intestine—juncture of common bile duct an duodenum 2. Jejunum: midsection of small intestine 3. Ileum last segment of small intestine - Villi: small, finger-like projection that cover the inner surface of the small intestine o Enterocytes: absorptive epithelial cells that make up surface of each villus Microvilli: hairlike projections on surface of enterocytes - Brush Border: absorptive surface of small intestine made up of thousands of microvillli that line enterocytes; provides enormous surface area where nutrient digestion and absorption take place - Lacteal: lymphatic vessel found in an intestinal villus; circulate absorbed nutrients away from small intestine
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