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IAH 204 – “Asia and the World” Midterm study guide Adam LiterCurt Sebastian Spring 2016 Last updated: February 11, 2016 This study guide for the midterm includes topics and sample questions. Please note that the questions listed are just a sample of the types of issues you should be able to write about on the exam. There are just a few suggestions to help you think about some of the issues we have discussed. This study guide isnota comprehensive list of all possible exam questions; nor are all possible issues in the course raised here. 1Early China The Classics of Poetry What is it? How is it used? What is shared by different poems in this anthology? What is the difference between the meanings of the poems and the Mao Commentaries (Han Dynasty) onthe Classic of Poetry? Please use the individual poem(s) as your example(s). What are differences between the Confucian school and the Daoist school? What are differences within
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