Chapter 14 - 1 Chapter 14 Managing Organizational Change...

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1 Chapter 14 – Managing Organizational Change: Strategic planning and organizational development Today’s first rule of business: Change or disappear With so many companies making such drastic changes, the message is clear: either adapt to changing conditions or shut your doors External forces for organizational change o Advances in technology Probably the most potent impetus for organizational change is the introduction of the computer Although office personnel, factors workers and musicians surely have not become extinct, computer technology change the way they are doing their jobs Technology generally has helped those who have become displaced find more interesting and personally fulfilling jobs o Changing employee demographics Human resources specialist need to know fit ere will be a drop in the number of qualified applicants as well as the specific skills employees will bring to their jobs and their special needs o Performance gaps Performance gaps, discrepancies between real and expected levels of organizational performance Organizations that are best prepared to mobilize change in response to downturns are best prepared to succeed o Government regulations One of the most commonly witnessed unplanned organizational changes results from government regulation o Global economic competition Competition from the marketplace is a key driver of organizational change This extensive globalization of the economy presents a strong need to change and be innovative Magnitude of change: how much change constitutes change? o
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Chapter 14 - 1 Chapter 14 Managing Organizational Change...

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