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1 The dynamics of interpersonal relationships Psychological contracts: our expectations of others o Psychological contract-a person’s beliefs about what is expected of another in a relationship o What one person expects may not be exactly what the other expects o Transactional contract-this relationship is characterized by an exclusively economic focus, a brief time span, an unchanging nature and is narrow and well defined in scope The importance of trust in relationships o Trust, a person’s degree of confidence in the words and actions of another o Two major types of trust Calculus-based trust: a kind of trust based on deterrence Exists whenever people believe that another person will behave as promised
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Unformatted text preview: out of fear of getting punished Identification-based trust: based on accepting and understanding the other person’s wants and desires Occurs when people know and understand each other so well that they are willing to allow that individual to act on his or her behalf o How to develop trust The predisposition to be trusting of others is a personality variable People develop reputations for being trustworthy or not o How to promote trust in working relationships Always meet deadlines Follow through as promised Spend time sharing personal values and goals...
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