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Wind & Plutonium - reduced environmental impacts and...

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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Renewable: Wind Wind energy is kinetic energy of air set into motion when the sun warms the daylight side of the Earth. It can be as simple as drying laundry on a clothes line, sailing ships, and using windmills for pumping to as sophisticated as using wind turbines. These are electrical generators coupled to wind- driven rotating machinery. One of the great things about wind energy is that its reserves are basically limitless; many windy sites are available for use. It is very practical to use wind as a source of energy and is completely carbon and water vapor neutral. Its use has been growing by nearly 30% per year during the past decade. Over the past twenty years, the cost of using wind power has gone down over 80%. This has made it much more affordable, less than 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. And besides the actual costs of wind power, it has other economic benefits such as less dependence of foreign oils, greater fuel diversity,
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Unformatted text preview: reduced environmental impacts and more jobs for people. Nonrenewable: Plutonium Plutonium is a type of nuclear power. This is a way to get large-scale energy from the nucleus of plutonium through breeder reactors. Breeder reactors create more than one Pu nucleus from U for each U nucleus it fissions and so creates more fuel than it uses, thus the name “breeders”. Because of the fact that it creates more of what it is, these resources are enormous. But it is not very practical to use Plutonium from breed reactors. They make nuclear weapons proliferation much worse. Because of this, there are only two operating breed reactors. It is also not carbon or water vapor neutral. Because of the technology needed, it is also very costly. Plus, safeguarding it so it won’t get into the hands of terrorists would be expensive. It is not smart for a long term investment....
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