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Astrological Personality

Astrological Personality - Assignment Astrological...

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Assignment : Astrological Personality. My astrological sign is Pisces and therefore I am supposed to have a combination of the water element and mutable quality. I would definitely agree with this statement, seeing as how my personality directly coincides with the traits described by my element and quality. Elements express people’s basic nature and temperament. People with the water element are supposed to be nurturing, compassionate, and controlling. I would definitely say I fit into all of these categories. For instance, when my roomie, Kristen, has a bad day because math homework sucks and her boyfriend is a jerk I listen to her and comfort her. This shows my nurturing aspect. My compassionate side is shown by my thoughtfulness. While being at college, I have sent more snail mail letters than I ever have because I want to stay connected to friends. I’m also pretty controlling which can be shown through my love of “To do” list. Without them, I freak out and my whole day becomes messed up. Therefore, it is
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