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CAW Assignment 2 3. Ali and Zarah were very open with their love for each other. Ali enters the race at school because third place is a new pair of shoes, and he wants to win them so he can return them and get a new pair of shoes for his sister. He tries his hardest to get third place throughout the race, but ends up getting first. He is so disappointed that he won that he does not even smile in the pictures they took for the newspaper. It is really sweet how close the family is portrayed in the movie. Zarah sprints as fast as she can after school every day so that her brother will not be late for school. My family is really close much like the family in the movie. My younger brother, Jeffrey, and I are very close to one another, unlike many siblings of today. I know a lot of brothers and sisters who are always at odds with one another and their families. Since I live in such an close knit family it is weird for me to see families who do not get along as well as we do. It was not strange
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