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assignment 6 - Assignment 6 Due April 11 3 Koro fights hard...

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Assignment 6 Due April 11 3. Koro fights hard against Pai becoming the leader of their tribe. Since her brother died, as well as her mother, the prospect for a “legitimate” heir is zero. Koro refuses to accept Pai as even a potential leader because of his strict beliefs in the traditions to his tribe. Living in a patriarchal society is what defines these people. Though Pai continues to fulfill bits and pieces of what makes a leader in this community a leader the rift between her and her grandfather opens wider and wider. I do not think that following traditions always helps a community. In this film had Pai decided that she was going to follow the traditions, she never would have become the strong determined individual she was, much less a leader in her community. 7. In Whale Rider unequal division of power is definitely not hard to pick out. The fact that Koro will not even consider his granddaughter to be the leader of the community is a huge example of gender inequality. Nanny Flowers is the one who points out the great
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