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Assignment 5 1. Instead of having to live completely on his own without shelter or any sense of stability, Akira has a family and shelter provided for him. Though he must care for his three younger siblings at home alone, he has a support system for doing so. His younger sister helps with the laundry and the other children. Akira seems used to being on his own, because he mother was so frequently not around. They have a house provided for them, so they do not have to find shelter for themselves like Krishna did. Having been left by the circus to fend for himself, Krishna had no one; at least these children have each other. 2. Keiko is very loving towards her children. She shows affection though joking and teasing them, as well as providing a place for them to live and food for them to eat. However Keiko seems to be friendlier with her children than motherly. Instead of nurturing them, she plays with them and teases them. At the beginning she pulls Akira away from his homework to check her younger sons homework, because she can’t do it
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