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CAWassignment1 - 28 Up 1 How is the child different from...

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28 Up 1. How is the child different from the adolescent and the adult? I really like the way that this video was set up by individual and how it follows that individual from seven until 28. I feel like it’s easy to distinguish each individual though out his or her life span though facial expressions and tone. Though each subjects becomes somewhat cynical in their adolescent years it seems like most retain the thoughts and belief systems they had when they were younger. It is easy to distinguish the child from all of the other ages because of the immature looks and in the boy’s case the pitch and tone of their voices. The children seemed more interested in hamming it up for the cameras than answering questions about their lives and socioeconomic standing. As I mentioned earlier in the adolescent stages of the subjects most became rather cynical, and at 28 most seems reasonably set into their ways and life. 2. Michael Apted uses both interviews and video shots of individuals in their
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