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Pink: HUM 111 THE MIDDLE AGES AND THE SEARCH FOR ORDER Professor Sonia Sorrell Early Middle Ages “Dark Ages” versus “Middle Ages” or the “Medieval Era” Over expansion of Roman Empire, weakening of the strong central government o Diocletian divided Empire into East and West (Byzantium and Rome) Changes in climate in Europe, northern tribes move south Invasions or Migrations? Huns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Vikings End of the Roman Empire: 476 Germanic chieftain Odoacer became King o “fall” or “transmutation”? o decline in standards of living; little monumental art or architecture o chaos results in insecurity and uncertainty Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance Europe: rise of aristocracy (inheritance, wealth); competition among rival states o Warrior aristocracy o Wealth based on how much land and people o Most powerful: FRANKS Charles Martel: o Frankish, o defeated Muslims at Tours (732), supported Papacy o no last names, sons called Charles o gained support of the pope in Rome o European kings allied themselves with Pope o They need pope for power, pope needs their armies for proteciton Pepin “the Short”: o appointed King of Franks (751-768) by Pope’s representative o show he had the support of the church Charlemagne: o Carolus Magnus—latin name o expanded Carolingian Empire, crowned “Emperor of the Romans” o expanded Frankish kingdom, Saxony, Lombart, Spanish march o o crowned by Pope king of the Frankish people o not a learned man, not familiar with classics, brought scholars from all
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bb18_Search_for_Order_Lecture_Outline - Pink HUM 111 THE...

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