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Classical Greece 3 notes

Classical Greece 3 notes - Classical Greece 3 Pericles said...

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Classical Greece 3 Pericles said it was important to rebuild buildings to show Athenians can rebound from this disaster “buildings live on long after a man’s deeds are forgotten Acropolis Where temples built Places for vendors, souveniers and water Resting place Sacred area--marked transition from secular area to sacred space Propilea Art Most easel paintings lost Museum place of muses or goddesses of inspiration Approach from back of building, not front Walk around to front to experience whole building--democratic Contrast with manipulative roman temple, no free will to wander and experience things Greek temples always oriented--east sided, sun god Apollo was there Occident--west, In line of view was large statue of Athena Athena--war strategy goddess, sculptures, created out of weapons of conquered Persians every time look up, reminded of victory Athena Nike--victory (with wings) could land and bring victory Ionic style--original statue created for inside of temple, when Athenians placed Athena in temple and clipped wings to “keep victory always with Athens” Orecthium--unusually shaped, atypical, constructed to house SITES, Location of legendary 1 st king of Athens Orecthius Ancient wooden cult statue of Athena Gave gods humanistic traits Gods vying for city of Athens: Poseidon offered horses and spring of salt water Athena gave olive tree and won Don’t use butter, use olive oil for cooking and oil lamps, no candles, soap, lotion, one of the best things an athlete could win was a huge jar of olive oil Porch of maidens Parthenon said to be the most perfect building ever constructed dedicated to Athena, second Parthenon, post Persian war, sculptor thidius, when Greece controlled by Ottoman Turks, used as ammo building Athena Parthenos--as virgin goddess Very reasoned building, not emotional--opposite of Gothic Cathedral Not a single straight line, appears to sag in the middle, so every line is arched so it appears visually straight, slightly bludges, appears airy and weightless, outer columns less space because the light around makes them look further away, corner columns have more width bc light makes things look thinner, if columns
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