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Conclusion: After concluding the experiment, I noticed that the Gaussian curve is a good approximation of the probability of large marbles going in a slot. Although, this is only true when you roll a large amount of marbles. The more marbles you roll, the closer you will be to approaching an average x of zero. After writing a hypothesis, I started rolling the steel balls and noting down the results. By doing this, I noticed that my hypothesis was not exactly accurate. I incorrectly predicted that the distribution and standard deviation would stay the same for the steel marbles and the large marbles. The steel marbles seemed to give a much wider spread which didn’t quite resemble the Gaussian distribution. The steel marbles were somewhat erratic as they landed more in some random bins such as negative 6. This may be because the marbles move faster, hit more nails, and spread out more. This can be shown by the increase in the standard deviation when we moved from the large marbles to the steel marbles. It was also interesting to
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