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University of Cincinnati Department of Computer Science CS 121-002 Computer Science 1 Laboratory 2 Final Report Benjamin D. Jones 16 January 2008 1. Introduction The purpose of this lab assignment is to learn how to develop C++ programs that use simple input and output statements, and assignment statements that include: expressions, integer variables, and constants. The lab will consist of two programs each accomplishing the same goal, but coded using different styles. The goal of each program is to take a positive integer as an input from the user, which represents the length of one side of a square, computer the area of that square, and display a meaningful message back to the user that indicates the results of the computation. 2. The Program(s) //******************************************************************** // File: lab2a.cpp // // Area of a square - User inputs a positive integer as the length L // of a square, and the program outputs the area of // that square // // // Author: Benjamin Jones // Created: 16 January 2008 // Updated: Original // // Assignment: 2.16 // Compiler: MinGW32 G++ 3.4.2 (GNU) // // Inputs: One arbitrary positive integer from the user // Outputs: Display message "The area of a square of length <L> is:
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course ECEE 120 taught by Professor Carter during the Winter '08 term at University of Cincinnati.

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finalreport2 - University of Cincinnati Department of...

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