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15 Math 253e - 15 Math 253-007 CALCULUS III(Spring 2008...

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15 Math 253--007: CALCULUS III (Spring 2008) Instructor: Dr. Mihaela Poplicher Office: 811E Old Chem Office hours: MTF: 11—12noon (or by appointment) Phone: 513-556-1223 E-mail: [email protected] Textbook: “Calculus: Concepts and Contexts”, Third edition; by J. Stewart Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. You are required to come to all class-meetings; please come on time and do not leave class early. Please turn off your cell-phones during class. Math Learning Center: Located in Old Chem, Room 614 and open 9am-8pm M--Th; 9am-4pm F & 12pm-4pm Saturday. http://math.uc.edu/mathlearningcenter/index.html Important Dates: Make sure that you are registered for the class. See UC “Learning Opportunities Spring 2008” or check the UC website for important dates. Tests, quizzes & homework: There will be 3 tests during the term (50 min each; each worth 20% of the final grade); unannounced quizzes & homework-projects (worth a total of 10% of the final grade); a final exam (2 hours; worth 30% of the final grade). We will have a test at the end of each chapter. Homework will not always be collected, but you
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