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A Shakespeare Timeline Summary Chart YearLifeWorks1Events & Publications2 1564Shakespeare BornChristopher Marlowe born John Hawkins second voyage to New World Galileo Galilei born John Calvin dies The Peace of Troyes 1565-15811567(?) Richard Burbage,the greatest tragedian ofthe age, who wouldeventually portray Hamlet,Lear, Othello and allShakespeare's great partsborn1576 James Burbage (father of Richard) obtains a 21 year lease and permission to build The Theatre in Shoreditch 1577 The Curtain, a rival theater near The Theatre, opens in Finbury 1565 Golding's translation of Ovid'sMetamorphoses(1-4) 1566 Gascoigne'sThe Supposes 1567 Thomas Nashe born 1571 Tirso de Molina born 1572 Thomas Dekker born 1572 John Donne & Ben Jonson born 1577 Holinshed publishesThe Chronicles of England, Scotlandand Ireland, Shakespeare's primary source for the history plays 1579 John Fletcher born 1580 Thomas Middleton born 1580 Montaigne'sEssais published 1582Shakespeare MarriedHakluyt'sDievers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America 1583Birth of daughter Susanna The Queen's Company is formed in London 1585Birth of twins, Judith andHamnet1586 Mary Queen of Scots tried for treason 1587(?)-1592Departure from StratfordEstablishment in Londonas an actor/playwrightThe Comedy of ErrorsTitus AndronicusThe Taming of the ShrewHenry VI, 1,2,3Richard III1587 Mary Queen of Scots executed 1587 Marlowe'sTamburlaine 1588 Defeat of the Armada 1588 Greene'sPandosto 1588 Marlowe'sDr. Faustus 1590 Spenser'sFaerie Queen (1-3) 1590 Marlowe'sThe Jew of Malta 1591 Sidney'sAstrophil and Stella 1592 Robert Greene dies 1592 Kyd'sThe Spanish Tragedy 1593Preferment sought througharistocratic connections -dedicates Venus andLucrece to HenryWriothsley, Earl ofSouthampton - possibly the1593Venus and AdonisBegins writing theSonnets,probably completed by c.1597 or earlier Two Gentlemen of Verona Love's Labour's Lost1593-94 Theaters closed by plague 1593 Marlowe dies
youth of theSonnets 1594Founding member of theLord Chamberlain's Men 1594The Rape of Lucrece 1594-1596The Lyrical masterpiecesProsperity and recognition as the leading London playwright. 1596 John Shakespeare reapplies successfully for a coat of arms 1596 Hamnet Shakespeare dies at age 11 Midsummer Night's DreamRomeo and JulietRichard IIMerchant of Venice1594 Greene'sFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay 1594 Marlowe'sEdward II 1595 Thomas Kyd dies 1595 Sidney'sAn Apologia for Poetrie 1595 Sir Walter Raleigh explores the Orinoco 1596 Spenser'sFaerie Queen (4-6) 1596 George Peele dies. 1597-1599Artistic MaturityPurchases New Place, Stratford with other significant investments 1599 The Globe Theater built on Bankside from the timbers of The Theatre. Shakespeare is a shareholder and receives about 10% of the profits Henry IV,1,2The Merry Wives ofWindsorAs You Like ItMuch Ado About NothingHenry VJulius Caesar1597 Bacon'sEssays, Civil and Moral 1598 Phillip II of Spain dies 1598 Francis MeresPalladis Tamia 1598 John Florio'sA World of Words (English-Italian dictionary) 1598 Ben Jonson 'sEvery Man in his Humour 1599 Essex sent to Ireland and fails, is arrested on return 1599 Edmund Spenser dies 1600-1608The Period of the GreatTragedies & Problem Plays1600 The Fortune Theater opens 1601 Shakespeare's father dies 1603 The Lord Chamberlain's Men become The King's Men who perform at court more than any other company 1607 Susanna Shakespeare married Dr. John Hall 1608 The King's Men begin playing at the Blackfriars 1608 Shakespeare's mother dies Twelfth NightHamletTroilus & CressidaAlls Well That Ends WellMeasure for Measure Othello King Lear Macbeth Antony and Clepatra Coriolanus Timon of Athens 1600 Kemp'sNine Daies Wonder 1600 Dekker'sShoemaker's Holiday 1601 Essex rebels against Elizabeth, fails and is executed 1601 Thomas Nashe dies 1603 Elizabeth dies, James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England 1603 Sir Walter Raleigh arrested, tried and imprisoned 1603 The plagueonce again ravages London 1604 Marston'sThe Malcontent 1605 The Gunpowder Plot - Guy Fawkes and accomplices arrested 1605 Bacon'sThe Advancement of Learning 1606 Ben Jonson'sVolpone 1607 Tourneur (?)The Revenger's Tragedy
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