Chapter 8 Bio - Introduction to Metabolism Some fungus...

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Introduction to Metabolism Some fungus converts the energy in certain organic molecules to light, called bioluminescence Metabolism - the totality of an organism’s chemical reactions. Emergent property of life that comes from interaction between molecules within the orderly environment of the cell. As a whole it manages the material and energy resources of the cell. Metabolic pathway- specific molecule -> series of defined steps -> certain product. Each step catalyzed by specific enzyme. Catabolic pathways- breakdown pathways. Release E. “Downhill” Cellular respiration Anabolic pathways- biosynthetic pathways. Use E. “Uphill” Synthesis of proteins Bioenergetics - the study of how organisms manage their energy resources Energy - the capacity to cause change. The ability to arrange matter Kinetic energy- associated with the relative motion of objects Heat or thermal energy- K.E. associated with he random movement of atoms or molecules P.E - energy matter possesses because of its location or structure Chemical Energy- biologists refer to the PE available for the release of a chemical reaction Catabolic reactions results in low energy products Organisms are energy transformers. The Laws of Energy Transformation
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Chapter 8 Bio - Introduction to Metabolism Some fungus...

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