FINAL NORTH KOREA PAPER - JUS 301 North Korea and Its...

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JUS 301 North Korea and Its Nuclear Weapons Program Thesis Statement: On the far side of the world, the North Koreans are still on their search for nuclear weapons. Research by the Central Intelligence Agency confirms that they have performed an underground test of a nuclear weapon. Since North Korea is considered to be what President Bush calls “The Axis of Evil”, this presents a significant threat to the United States. Many questions were asked when obtaining this information, including: “Why should North Korea have nuclear sanctions?” and “Is North Korea a threat to the United States?”. The question of whether or not North Korea is a threat to the United States and the world will be asked in terms of what is just. The answer to this question is a lot more complicated than one may think. In order to find answers, an extensive amount of research tools were used. These include surveys of the general public, data from various articles, and interviews of prominent professors of international policy. It was also important to scrupulously sift through pages of scholarly journal articles. These will reveal that North Korea needs more sanctions. After evaluating the data, the answers will show the implications that Kim Jong-Il wishes to make in his search for nuclear weapons. Overall, this paper will show that North Korea’s intentions are dangerous and why military action is necessary in order to stop their nuclear weapons program. Literature Review Section: 1
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During the past few years, two more countries are preparing their own nuclear arms programs. These two countries are Iran and North Korea. Iran has been trying to obtain nuclear weapons, but research indicates they are far away from obtaining the materials necessary to produce a weapon (Howard, 2004, p.808). Since Iran is so far away from nuclear capability, North Korea has become the larger threat to the world. Due to this and to the large size of the North Korean army, North Korea has become particularly dangerous and devious in its search for obtaining nuclear arms. Negotiations have been taking place since 1994, but many times it turned out to be a waste of time (Newnham, 2004, p. 170). There have been strides made in negotiations with North Korea, but they always seem to fall through and eventually the nuclear power plants come back to life in order to enrich uranium (Newnham, 2004, p. 172). South Korea, the United States, Russia, China and Japan (all of which are nuclear capable) are all stepping in to try to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. These are the members of the six-nation talks which are currently taking place, and these nations are considering two options. One option to stop North Korea’s search for nuclear weapons is military action. The other more plausible idea relates to financial and economic aid. Lately, negotiations have been making some strides. Currently, the six nations have influenced North Korea’s position by giving them money and oil (Howard, 2004, 810). Even though negotiations seem to be making steps
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FINAL NORTH KOREA PAPER - JUS 301 North Korea and Its...

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