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Appendix A Survey Questions For Yoav Gortzak and Sheldon Simon: 1) This past February, there have been talks of a “breakthrough” in negotiations. Can we assume that this may be the end of negotiations? 2) Concerning the nuclear weapons program in the United States, what steps are being taken to dismantle it? 3) Since the United States is not taking many steps, is this causing a strain on negotiations? 4) In July of 2006, the North Koreans attempted to launch a multiple-stages missile, and in October of 2006, they tested an underground nuclear weapon. Is this an
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Unformatted text preview: attempt to produce and deliver a nuclear weapon in combat? 5) If the North Koreans intent is not use a nuclear weapon in combat, could this be a way of putting pressure on members of the six-party talks to obtain more resources? 6) Is Iran as much or more of a threat to the United States? 7) Since weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq, should Iran or North Korea when the United States had the chance? 8) So in conclusion, North Korea was more of an imminent threat but do you believe that these negotiations will end soon?...
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