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Geology History Report - Brad Miller TA: Levi Geology...

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Brad Miller TA: Levi Geology History Report Through the field trips to Red Rocks and North Table Mountain, I learned that the town of Golden has gone through many severe geological changes over time. The trip to Red Rocks provided geological information ranging from the Precambrian period to the middle of the Cretaceous period, a time when Golden was mostly covered with water. On the trip to North Table Mountain, I observed rocks ranging from more than 65 million years old to 62 million years old. Over 1,700 million years ago Golden was underwater, there was not much here to speak of, at least geologically. The oldest rock sample found at Red Rocks was some Precambrian gneiss dated at about 1,700 million years old. The gneiss was folded, indicating that it was formed deep in the earth where pressure and temperature are high, and was brought to the surface by uplift and plate subduction, creating a mountainous region. These mountains began to develop and precipitation created streams that brought water from the mountains in the west to the foothills. This is evident in the Fountain formation, dated 300 million years old, which is an alluvial fan deposit made of a conglomerate consisting of rounded grains varying in size. The rounded grains are typical
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course EBGN 101 taught by Professor Any during the Fall '07 term at Mines.

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Geology History Report - Brad Miller TA: Levi Geology...

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