How to reload a shot gun shell outline

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How to reload a shot gun shell I. Go to a sporting good store and purchase the supplies needed to reload a shot gun shell. a. Usually go to Gander Mountain, but anywhere there is a hunting/sporting good store will work. II. Supplies needed. a. Black powder b. Shot, # 8 1. The number depends on what you are shooting at, 7- 8 is for trap shooting, c. Wads, Winchester Wads d. Shot Shells, Winchester AA e. Primers, Winchester III. Pay for products a. Black Powder, Hodgon - $70.00/Gallon b. Shot #8- $33.00 – 25# c. Wads, Winchester AA Wads - $12.00/500 d. Shot Shells, Winchester AA 2 3/4” - $20.00/200 e. Primers, Winchester – $37.00/1000
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Go home and load up shell reloader a. Fill the shot tube. ` 1. Unwrap the mesh bag 2. Place funnel above the opening in the top of the shot tube 3. Pore the lead shot into the tube until it is full b. Fill the powder tube 1. Unscrew the top of the powder jar 2. Place funnel in the opening of the powder cylinder 3. Pore the powder into the powder tube. c. Fill the primer tray with primers. 1. Open up the primer tray 2. Place the pack of primers on the primer tray 3. Slide the primer cover off the pack of primers and lift up 4. Close the lid on the primer tray...
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