coTWO - Saldana Patrick Saldana ENC 1102/8:30 29 February...

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Saldana Patrick Saldana ENC 1102/8:30 29 February 2008 Blasdel Core 2: The Progress in Research Research is a key component in the process of understanding life and the world around us. Yet even with the toughest of subjects, the one who is notorious for having the most complications are humans. I’m a primary researcher conducting a survey on students overall perspective on global warming. I chose four people randomly in the John T. Washington Center at various times during the day. The four subjects were asked a series of four questions regarding global warming. Afterward, I would analyze the subject’s answers and filter them through context and discover what their true perspective on the issue. The answers were developed into logical statements and then evaluated by their beliefs and value levels. The subjects consisted of a white employed male of age 28. There was a white employed female of age 21. A Hispanic male employed of age 21, and a black male employed of age 19. With primary research, the right subjects, and innovative context analyst the progress of research can easily be achieved. The results could also give us a good insight into the importance global warming has upon its people. So with the results, how can these simply answers help solve more complex opinions about global warming. Well with the diversity of questions and the persons various conflicting responses it makes the progress of going through the answers much easier. With the first question we noticed a clear separation from concern on the topic of global warming. Person D held a very sloth concern towards our warming epidemic. He 1
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Saldana didn’t quite know what “global warming” was either. This showed two distinctive points concerning our issue. First, the subject was a foreign student and held no prior knowledge of the topic until now. This could lead an assumption that foreign countries show little to no concern towards global warming, or just his region to say the least. On the opposite
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coTWO - Saldana Patrick Saldana ENC 1102/8:30 29 February...

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