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Patrick Saldana 1/30/2008 ENC 1102.023 Professor Blasdel Saints at the River is a relatively simple novel that pursues a complex message of men, nature, history, and destiny. With author Ron Rash, he develops an unbiased perspective and thoughtful prose on a very sensitive subject. Rash interprets creative figurative language, tone, theme, and casual style, all equating into a compelling novel that describes one of life’s most compelling controversies from numerous point of view’s. The text flows predominately quickly, a great technique to keep the reader consistently pondering the stories next turn of events. Rash truly achieves the goal of remaining neutral in both arguments of the controversy. Giving neither side a sign of apathy or congrats. The setting gives off this sign of relaxation, temptation, and relief. Yet the setting takes drastic turn towards her darker self to reveal a new unimaginable approach to two contradicting groups of people with a devastating decision waiting ahead. From start to finish the figurative language of the novel keeps the imagination captivated with all the personification, character identities and descriptive imagery. The first evidence of this technique is the setting. The river is the main character of this story, where he does what he was meant to do, nothing more. The river is described as a majestic natural treasure of the town. Maggie enters the story with a thought provoking imagination of the office metaphorically looking different. Throughout the novel 1
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Maggie’s imagination uses a variety of figurative language, and even literal language to manipulate her ideas and feed us double the perspectives on both topics. The three
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saints - 1 Patrick Saldana 1/30/2008 ENC 1102.023 Professor...

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