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Patrick Saldana 02/01/2007 ENC 1102 Professor Blasdell Page 133 Activities 1: 1) The morals and beliefs of both sides show how to treat the death of a loved one, and the reality of nature defying your actions to make what’s right in your mind a reality. 2) The author demonstrated the many ways new worlds and groups learn from one another in the most tragic of times to realize they share many similarities to those whom they love the most. 3) Maggie enters the story with a thought provoking imagination of the office metaphorically looking different. Throughout the novel Maggie’s imagination
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Unformatted text preview: uses a variety of figurative language, and even literal language to manipulate her ideas and feed us double the perspectives on both topics. Activity 2: 1) Mothers are those whom provide us comfort, mothers are there when we need them, mothers can be friends, mothers can be enemies, and anyone can be a mother. 2) The devastation left his face in terrible condition, destroyed skin, engulfed lips, and a destructed future ahead. 3) The manatee shows love to everyone, a devotions so unique and creative that love has few definitions to describe such glorious affection....
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