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Chushingura review - Wiggins 1 David Wiggins Dr. Pitelka...

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Wiggins 1 David Wiggins Dr. Pitelka Chushingura Review History of East Asia Chushingura Review The Japanese play, Chushingura, depicts the popular and well-enjoyed tale of the famous Forty- seven Ronin samurai and the events leading to their rebellious plot to assassinate Lord Kira Yoshinaka. At the palace of the Shogunate in Edo (Tokyo), Japan around the year 1701, a quarrel commenced between a high powered advisor to the Shogun, Lord Kira Yoshinaka and a daimyo lord, Lord Asano Naganori. The story tells that Lord Yoshinaka became extremely annoyed at the fact that Lord Naganori did not offer him certain bribes that he desired, and because of this he publicly humiliated Lord Naganori to the point of embarrassment. As assumed, this flagrant act of disrespect enraged Lord Naganori and quick in anger, he drew his sword and attempted to stab Lord Yoshinaka. This proved to be a fatal mistake by Lord Naganori, because it was forbidden for anyone to draw a sword in the city of Edo, and such an act was punishable by a ritualistic act of suicide called Seppuku. When the Shogun received word of the occurrence, he immediately demanded that Lord Naganori take part in Seppuku. Not only was Lord Naganori forced to commit suicide, he also had all his lands confiscated, his family was to be left
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Chushingura review - Wiggins 1 David Wiggins Dr. Pitelka...

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