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remembering event paper - Wiggins 1 David Wiggins English...

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Wiggins 1 David Wiggins English 104 Prof. Heyde Remembering an Event 17 October 2007 Perfecto! Saturday, July 16, 2000, South County Stars versus the Bad Boys, the battle between the top two teams in the senior baseball league at the Dream Fields took place on a sweltering, sticky day, promptly at 2:00 pm. My team played and won twenty-three straight baseball games from May to July, and only one game stood in the way of a perfect championship season. No ordinary game against a mediocre team, this game meant the world to me. The Bad Boys team consisted of corn-fed, massive farm boys, loud obnoxious parents ringing cowbells inning after inning, ignorant, unruly coaches, chewing and spitting gobs of tobacco. Their three, four, and five hitters combined for a season total of sixty-five RBIs, ten homeruns, and an average of .450. Their leadoff hitter had an on base percentage of .650 and a total of fifty two stolen bases in only twenty-two games. I, assuming the role of the ace on my pitching staff, received the honor of starting on the mound against these giants. No fear, total domination appeared in store for these arrogant beasts. When taking the mound against such a team, a pitcher must have complete confidence in himself and his arsenal of pitches. Five feet, four inches tall, 110 pounds, I used
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remembering event paper - Wiggins 1 David Wiggins English...

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