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Allied Health Assignment 1

Allied Health Assignment 1 - 1 Describe eight types of...

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1. Describe eight types of health care facilities. Hospitals are the major type of health care facility. They range in all sizes small hospitals usually cater to the basic need of the community that it is located in; on the other hand, large more complex hospitals offer an enormous range of services. There are many different types of hospitals including: general hospitals that treat a wide range of conditions, specialty hospitals that treat special conditions or a certain age group, and government hospitals that provide services for their personnel and dependents. Long-term care facilities are mainly for the elderly but also provide their service to those with disabilities or those with long term illnesses. Nursing homes or geriatric homes are made to help those who are no longer able to care for themselves. Extended care facilities are designed to help nursing care and rehabilitation to patients who will eventually return to their home or other long- term care facility. Medical offices can be privately owned by a doctor to a large complex that is operated by corporations and have many doctors and other health care professionals. Usual treatment at a medical office can be determining an illness and treatment, examination, and basic laboratory testing. Emergency care services provide their service to those who have a sudden accident or illness. These can be both private and governmental facilities that include ambulance services and rescue squads. Emergency rooms are operated by hospitals and the helicopter or ambulance service transports the patient to the medical facility quickly for special care.
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Home health care agencies service patients in their home, usually the disabled or the elderly. The services that they provide include nursing and personal care, many types of therapy, and homemaking. There are many organizations that provide home health care such as health departments, hospitals, and private agencies. Rehabilitation facilities provide care to patients who have a physical or mental disability regain their self-care and function in their daily life. These facilities are mostly located inside of hospitals, clinics or a private center. Mental health facilities treat patients with mental disabilities. There are many different types of mental health care facilities some including facilities services include guidance and counseling services, psychiatric clinics. School health services are found in schools and colleges. These clinics provide services to students and victims of sudden accidents and illnesses. They often provide counseling to students. The services found in a school health service slightly resemble emergency room services as well as a medical office. 2. Write a brief overview of the composition and purposes of DHHS.
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Allied Health Assignment 1 - 1 Describe eight types of...

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