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mystudentbodyquestions2 - October 1 2006 M/W 10 AM HES 100...

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October 1, 2006 M/W 10 AM HES 100 Alcohol Assignment The Blood Alcohol Educator Below is a list of the questions to complete for the Blood Alcohol Educator . 1. List what type and the number of alcoholic drinks it takes for you to achieve a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .02, .08 ,.1, .2, .3, and .4. What is the significance of each of these BAC’s? (For your own info if you drink alcohol - "drink" at the virtual bar what you normally would on a night out, what is your BAC?) .02- 1 beer .08- 4 beers .1- 3 shots, 1 beer .2- 5 shots, 3 beers .3- 12 shots .4- 16 shots Each of these BAC’s shows the different effects you will face as you death. .02 shows what is allowed in my home state, .08 shows how many drinks I could have if I were 21 and still drive, .4 shows how many drinks it would take for me to die. My BAC on a normal night would be about .19 2. When you are at a BAC of .1, what are your virtual friends' BAC levels? .127, .097, .074, .197, .152, .127 3. Restart – then “slam” shots every 5-7 minutes. How many does it take to reach a BAC of .4? 15 myStudentBody.com-Alcohol Below is a list of the questions to complete on myStudentBody.com-Alcohol . LIQUID LOGIC: 1. List three criteria that could characterize alcohol dependence (alcoholism). Needing more and more alcohol to get the same buzz, Drinking more or longer than you initially planned, Continuing to drink even when you know it causes you problems 2. How does alcohol lead to nausea and vomiting? It stimulates the secretion of HCl in the stomach, which causes irritation.
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