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9 Legalism - Legalism-Essay topics are good for the whole...

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February 12, 2008 -Essay topics are good for the whole semester School of Legalism: school of the law o Confucian: school of scholars o Daoism: school of the way Main philosophy: survival of the individual o In order for one to survive, we must survive as a group o Advance and prosperous in civilization Legalism started during the warring states o Survival of individual in doubt o Only when people band together do they have a chance to prevail o The state must survive and prevail in order for the individual to survive o Sacrifices for the sake of the state, larger group Ensures individuals well being State survives and prevails by being strong (material sense) o Abiding mistrust of human nature o When states ar e rich, wealthy --> agriculture economy Protect crops (wealth) from outsiders, slackers o Security: need strong police and army Legalists are materialistic above all else o No concern for morale Human nature: selfish, cowardly o Agriculture did not have a wide appeal due to the hard work required with it o Training, boredom, danger o State needed a lot of intensive labor in order for agriculture to succeed Force people to work on the fields --> law Reward for service: monetary, land, titles, medals Punishment: fear of punishment Shen Buhai o Best known for his theory on state craft (officials) o Rulers' control over his officials o Ruler can only be powerful with control over his officials o Officials must be appointed according to their ability o Actuality corresponds to name/title o Promotes unity of standard --> everyone understands expectations o If accomplishments match with the related task --> rewards; vice versa --> punishment
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9 Legalism - Legalism-Essay topics are good for the whole...

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