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1 Spoken Chinese

1 Spoken Chinese - o 4 tones total neutral tone o...

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Spoken Chinese January 15, 2008 Ancient cultural inspiration to Asian countries Cultural borrowings= language, written text o Recorded civilization, communication Language family -> Chinese= Sino + Tibetan Monosyllabic base o Exceptions=: foreign adaptations o Modern times: monosyllabic no longer common o Bi-syllabic : built upon mono words Tones : Chinese = total language o Different tones/pitches = different meanings o Korean & Japanese did not follow o Standard (National) language: Mandarin (north Chinese)
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Unformatted text preview: o 4 tones total + neutral tone o Vietnamese: borrowed heavily --> tone adaptation • No Inflection : no structural/grammatical change o Man --> men child --> children o Context heavy language o No tenses, gender differentiation • Dialect : variation in speech/pronunciation/vocabulary o North v. South: regional differences o Due to separation in time and space o Hong Kong: Cantonese dialect...
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  • Spring '07
  • Hayden
  • communication Language, mono words Tones, neutral tone Vietnamese, gender differentiation Dialect, Cultural borrowings= language

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