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XXXXXXXXXX MUS 412 Contextual Factors for Royal Springs Middle School The school is located in Georgetown. It is one of 3 middle schools in the district and it feeds from 7 elementary schools. The school enrollment is currently 534. This is a very diverse school population; however, it feeds from very similar economic profiles. All of the students that attend Royal Springs Middle School are from the newer subdivisions that have been recently developed in Georgetown. Very few of the students come from poor backgrounds. The community is extremely stable and the community support for education is growing as Toyota’s involvement with the district’s education develops. Since Toyota has come to Georgetown, they have brought many jobs and Georgetown is still flourishing very quickly. Extracurricular activities at Royal Springs Middle School include: Academic Team, Band, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Cheerleading, Dance, Chorus, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys and Girls Golf, Intramurals, FEA, Singers, Math Counts, Peer Mediation, Peer Pals, STLP, Boys and Girls Swim Team, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Track, Yearbook, Girls Fast pitch Softball, and Boys Baseball. They offer special education services and speech classes on an as needed basis. They also offer a Gifted and Talented program and art, language, jewelry, dance, chess, stamping, scrapbook, piano, books, and writing clubs. Parental involvement at this school is wonderful. This is the newest band room in the district. It is wonderful acoustically and is a large band room. It has a room in the back of the band room that houses instrument lockers for everyone’s instrument. The teacher’s office is at the entrance to the room and has windows all around to see everything going on inside the band room at all times. There is a white board that has a permanent staff on the board that spans almost the full width of the room. Most of the students attending Royal Springs in the 8
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MUS 412 TWS Context,Learning,Assessment - XXXXXXXXXX MUS...

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