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quiz 4 - Meas 196 is recapitulation Pergolesi La serva...

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Monday’s Listening Quiz (No. 4) Haydn: String Quartet: Scherzo track 39-40 on CD 7 pg. 23 Minuet structure Meas. 35 is Trio 1781 Haydn: String Quartet: Rondo track 45-50 on CD 7 pg. 25 Sonata-Rondo form Meas. 147 is Coda One primary theme Haydn: Symphony No. 103 track 51-62 on CD 7 pg. 29 1795 Also known as the Drumroll Symphony Drumroll twice; once at very beginning and then at beginning of coda Sonata form Mozart: Piano Concerto in Eb Major, K. 271 track 73-83 on CD 7 pg. 45 1777 Ritornello structure There are 2 expositions (one by the orchestra and one by the piano)
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Unformatted text preview: Meas. 196 is recapitulation Pergolesi: La serva padrona (The servant as mistress) track 84-87 on CD 7 pg. 62 1733 Italian Opera buffa (comic opera) Uses stock characters based on commedia del’arte Intermezzo in 2 parts Mock chromaticism, long tones Gluck: Alceste: Act II, Scene 3 track 1-5 on CD 8 pg. 66 French version in 1776 Reform opera More accompagnata (less distinctions between recitative and aria) Use of chorus as a character or commentator Aria To a libretto by Calzabigi after Euripides...
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