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EDU 250 conducive observation - Learning Climate EDU...

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Learning Climate EDU 250-002 Observing a Conducive Learning Climate I observed a band rehearsal given at the highest level of high school performers. One Academic Expectation that the teacher met was Arts and Humanities Expectation 2.23, Students analyze their own and others’ artistic products and performances using accepted standards. Mr. Brawner would play for the students three different rhythmic examples that he was trying to get a section to perform. One of the examples would be exactly what he wanted and the other two would be at opposite ends of the spectrum in style but still similar to what he wanted. He would ask the students to tell him which one they liked best and they would always pick the right example. Also, students are taught from beginning band, that if you miss a note or a rhythm circle, mark it, or do something to make sure that you don’t do it again. Students are constantly analyzing their individual performance. On occasion, Mr. Brawner will have a section play a passage of music and have the rest of the band decide what it is that isn’t going right. Most of the time, someone in that section will figure out what the problem is and the passage will fix itself. Mr. Brawner also ensures that the students meet Academic Expectation 2.24: Students have knowledge of
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EDU 250 conducive observation - Learning Climate EDU...

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