Instrumental Methods - Written Test#1 Take Home Questions...

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Written Test #1 Take Home Questions Instrumental Methods Scheduling a middle school or high school band is not an easy task. For both bands you want them to be everyday if possible. In both settings, you want to coordinate band with other “elective” class periods as often as possible. In middle school you want to schedule about 40-50 minutes of class time. The kids will need about 10 of those minutes to get their instruments out and together or to put them up properly without trying to rush off to their next class. In middle school, it is ok to have band less than 5 days a week but you want to have at least 3 days that you get to have full band. In high school, you need to be sure and try to schedule around all required courses that the students have to take. At this level, you want band all 5 days a week and only if that is not possible you can manage with only 3 days. In middle school, you are only going to have rehearsals during school. In high school, you may need to have a couple of extra rehearsals after school whenever a big festival is coming up. In middle school, students can participate in All-District and Solo & Ensemble festivals if they would like. Once in high school, students may be required to participate in some events and still have the option of participating in others such as: marching band, pep band, band camp, parades, All-District, All-State, Solo & Ensemble, and different honor bands. At the high school level, you will more than likely perform at every home football game, almost every home basketball game (girls and boys), perform a Christmas/Winter concert, maybe
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Instrumental Methods - Written Test#1 Take Home Questions...

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