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Notes for WPR 2

Notes for WPR 2 - The Speaker in the house and the Majority...

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Three things that upon which political participation depends? -Resources -Civic Engagement -Recruitment Define Implementation -Attempt of bureaucracy to implement laws and make them happen. Define inherit powers of the presidency -Those powers the president infers in order to perform his duties as president of the United States. Voting is … B) Gives Americans a equal chance to participate What is the most important thing lobbyists give to congress? Information What has caused an increased the Presidents delegated powers and where did the increase come from? Congress delegates’ power to the President, increase in size of government. In the Congress who has more power the Speaker of the House or the Majority Leader?
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Unformatted text preview: The Speaker in the house and the Majority Leader in Senate What is the difference between a caucus and a primary? A primary is a actual election and a caucus is a meeting to decide the candidate. What three factors influence news agenda?-Audience-Journalist/Editors-Topics Name one way each of the three branches control the bureaucracy? Judicial Branch- Judicial Review Legislation - Implementation Executive -Appointments to bureaucracy Define proportional representation? - Votes divided up by percentage, (ex: in a national level if 30% of the nation voted for a republican candidate 30% of the votes will be given to the republicans)...
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