2006 AP TEE - -the president is the head cheese-rumsfeld...

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2006 Elections -vFW PAC -roskam over duckworth - "The PAC chose to endorse non-veteran Peter Roskam over Tammy Duckworth because of his track record of supporting veterans and service members as an Illinois state representative and then as a state senator," the letter states. "He also completed a required PAC questionnaire that was sent to every incumbent and to those challengers upon request. - Veterans upset over Roskam support -PACs -military and civil relations -interest groups 109 th Congress Ends - Lawmakers Wrapping Up Session but Leaving Loose Ends - Tax breaks - Spend now to save more money later - Moderate v. conservative republicans - Spending bills for DoD - Gulf of mexico oil - Anti-abortion bill information - -framework of government Overdue Rummy -no allies in the state department -sacrificial offering -overdue firing cost GOP election and may have cost lives in iraq
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Unformatted text preview: -the president is the head cheese-rumsfeld firing overdue-political bargaining-necessity Robert Gates is new defense secretary-He agrees a new approach in Iraq is needed and demonstrates he will hold sufficient political clout at the White House.-Cold war rather than Mideast expertise-Advocating a new Iraq policy is key-New iraq policy=nominate gates PATRIOT ACT-civil rights violations-public policy-beaten detainees and civil liberties-balance between security and liberty-agressiveness-where does security collide with liberty Iraq study group-Panel Urges Basic Shift in U.S. Policy in Iraq-Pull out over next 15 months-Multi-regional talks on iraq-Diplomacy-Foreign policy-No progress by Iraqis, then America should withdrawl support on several fronts-Getting iran involved is most controversial aspect of the panel...
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2006 AP TEE - -the president is the head cheese-rumsfeld...

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