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Chapter 11 Online HW

Chapter 11 Online HW - number Are the events and mutually...

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Assignment: 1071 Homework 11 Assignment score: 100% Total Time spent: 1 minute, 39 seconds Score for selected take: 100% (5/5) 1. Correct answer: Let , and . Find the event . 2. Correct answer: Let be any sample space and , , and be any three events associated with the experiment. Describe the following event, using the symbols , , and . The event that occurs but neither of the events or occurs. 3. Correct answer: yes no A die is cast and the number that falls uppermost is observed. Let denote the event that the number shown is a 3 and let denote the event that the number shown is an even
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Unformatted text preview: number. Are the events and mutually exclusive? yes Are the events and complementary? no 4. Correct answer: The grade distribution for a certain class is shown in the following table. Grade A B C D F Frequency of Occurrence 3 9 17 4 7 Find the probability distribution associated with these data. Grade A B C D F Probability 3/40 9/40 17/40 4/40 7/40 5. Correct answer: What is the probability of arriving at a traffic light when it is red if the red signal is flashed for 25 sec, the yellow signal for 10 sec, and the green signal for 45 sec?...
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