Humanities - The Christian Story Actual.the truth Creation...

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Unformatted text preview: The Christian Story: Actual..the truth. Creation: “It was good” Humans made on earth, out of earth. Humans made in God ’ s image. “It was good”- Nature and embodied humans are good. Physical reality is not God, and should not be worshiped. But creation should be admired and appreciated or its order, beauty, and purpose. God takes delight in His creation so it should be no less such pleasure for us. We ’ ll see this more when we reach doctrine of the fall. But we must establish that crea- tion is good. Humans made on earth, out of earth: We are NOT just spiritual. We are clearly physical beings. We have a physical connection to the earth. Our spiritual being is connected to our physical being. We are not “stuck” in our bodies. Humans are spiritual beings, but our spiritual being is integrated with our physical being. The Greeks think that their body is not them. (alcohol, sex) On the other extreme we have asceticism: abuse of body to show God how much we are spiritual and don ’ t care about physical body. God does care about our bodies, and is connect to them by being in us. Paul says we do not long to be unclothed but we long for a heavenly tent. So our Fnal destination is for a body. We will not just exist. Humans made in God ’ s image: Sayers: God is creative, so part of the imago dei is crea- tivity. Mills: God is also relational and loving. If Greeks: then evil that man made out of earth. God declares creation as good. Nab ¡all Redemption Restoration The Christian Story: Creation Implications: We are unifed, integrated beings-Fully spiritual and Fully physical. We don’t need to Face a Platonic choice between participation in one realm or the other. It is not an either/or. We do not need to get out of the cave. Our bodies do matter. When we make a choice is it in our head because of our brain or is it our center of con- sciencness. The greeks want to seperate the mind body and soul. We know they all go together. to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord: what happens? any mid- stages? however that works is that we look forward to it. etc. God looks at the heart: means God knows our intent. Not a body vs. soul but a truth vs. lie. Implications: 2. The relationship between God (Big-C Creator) and us (little-c creators) is not Promethean. God gifted us, His sons and daughters, with the ability to creat. It’s part of our “family resemblance.” The Imago Dei. It is not a theft from God, but a gift that connects us to Him. Artists are stewards of one of God’s gifts. Notice how perscriptive God is in the design of the temple. God gifted two artists in the OT speciFcally for art. We can worship God through our creative abilities....
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Humanities - The Christian Story Actual.the truth Creation...

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