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Lead 201 final paper - Katie Oden Lead 201 Dr. McIntyre...

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Katie Oden Lead 201 Dr. McIntyre Final Paper 11 Dec 2007 1. Huntington sees the West’s passion for democracy as a factor for why we will clash with Eastern civilizations. I think he is right. If a democratic revolution is under way, I am not behind it. Democracy is for developed countries with citizens who are able to be informed and make informed decisions. This said; democracy could not be institutionalized in every state at this point in time. (Huntington) I am part of a great United States, we are developed, we are revolutionized, and we have been through a lot as a country. We did not start as a democracy, and without our roots, we would not have survived. No other country came into our civil war, invaded our government, changed it, and then we magically stopped fighting. Our Democracy came through delegation and educated members of our society, whom we have instilled our trust in, that concluded democracy was the governmental process for this country. Who are we to assert ourselves to others? The United States is the current global hegemon; therefore it is the country to turn to for aid. I can rationalize helping distressed
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course LEAD 201 taught by Professor Gamma during the Spring '07 term at Marietta.

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Lead 201 final paper - Katie Oden Lead 201 Dr. McIntyre...

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