Lead 203 Globalization Paper

Lead 203 Globalization Paper - Katie Oden Dr Perucci LEAD...

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Katie Oden Dr. Perucci LEAD 203 27 Feb 2007 Globalization is the force behind my choice of career. Its presence in today’s society and my strengths combine leading to a path of consulting for a foreign country. Which country is now clear, I want to work with China’s businesses. This is going to be a job field of great opportunity. I will never escape the “Flat World.” It will affect how I obtain a career, how I work for a company, what work I do for a company, and will dictate the number of occupations I will hold. My major is designed around the idea of making myself untouchable. This process might be challenging for some, however I view it as exciting. I am learning the Chinese language to be able to communicate with a booming industry. I am earning a minor in Leadership because need to have cultural awareness as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Lastly, Finance is my other minor, providing a specific field for my knowledge, this will be helpful with job placement. Not only will I know management and leadership, I understand the numbers as well. “Consulting is a great field to be thinking about, there will always be a demand,” said Dr. Bagshaw, a professor in Marietta College’s EMA Department. He has spent much time in China and understands what it takes to make it there. “They are much more advanced then we are, in education, in growth, but they need our stability, and we need their market,” Bagshaw said. Despite the challenges working in China may present, I see great opportunity.” “This is not all that complicated: Give young people a context where they can translate a
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Oden 2 positive imagination into reality, … and guess what? They usually don’t want to blow up the world. They usually want to be a part of it” (Friedman 459) I am one of the young people who want to take this scary new world, and make it a global community. Why am I striving to be untouchable? I want be hired. When I graduate college, I will be up against greater competition then my parents ever faced. I am not just compared with local graduates, rather graduates across the world. I need to stand out to companies globally. This will be the first “leadership challenge” I experience in the real world. What
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Lead 203 Globalization Paper - Katie Oden Dr Perucci LEAD...

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