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Lead 240 MBTI reflection

Lead 240 MBTI reflection - Katie Oden Lead 240 1 October...

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Katie Oden Lead 240 1 October 2007 MBTI Reflection Assignment Part I: The MBTI and You My results were as expected. As I look over the other boxes I see some descriptions I could fit. ENFP really describes me most accurately though. Introversion does not fit because I am incredibly outspoken. Sensing is not like me at all; I tend to miss concrete information. The thinking description could be me, but my decisions, if they are between values and logic, I will go with my values. Judging is not for me. I do not take a planned and organized approach to life. I feel that my personality type is very advantageous. I may be a little biased though. ENFP is depicted as “warmly enthusiastic and imaginative.” These are great qualities because my ideas are not confined to a box and my excitement about my thoughts and pursuits make it happen. I view life as full of potential, this is wonderful because I encourage my peers to see with optimism, and achieve things thought to be not possible. I readily give appreciation and support. This is conducive to a group environment because support and compliments encourages success. I truly am spontaneous. I do not panic when something goes awry. I am quick on my feet. A troubled area of my personality is I will tend to “want a lot of affirmation from others.”
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This becomes problematic. I love to do community service, and as much as I know I should not need recognition, I want it. Part II: MBTI and Leadership
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Lead 240 MBTI reflection - Katie Oden Lead 240 1 October...

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