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29 Lead 140 - Lead 140 New Phase of class Suggest unique...

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Lead 140- New Phase of class!!! Suggest unique idea for orientation Wal-mart, Lafyette hotel, Middle School, Marietta Memorial Hospital Beginning of skill set to try out. Empirical- based on a theory of empiricism, can go out and find information in the world, can assess that information and create a model for the future. Great divide from empirical being deductive or scientific AND social scientists who believe you need to be inductive, can only understand by going out and understanding, then coming up with some set of principles for foundation Distinction: Method of which you collect data and then analysis of collected data. Use qualitative approach to method, no survey. One reason for that is we should see what it’s like to deal with complexity of humans in their form, no set form. If there was there wouldn’t be a lot of heavy lifting, or you getting involved and understanding. Wants us to make the theory, see how people think, hear their words, observe their actions, read their documents.
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  • Spring '07
  • Tanya
  • Suggest unique idea, Marietta Memorial Hospital, Jackie Anna Jen Joseph Oden Shaw York Huck, Jen Joseph Oden, Shaw York Huck

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