20 - directly affect something it’s a bunch of things...

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Lead 103 3/20 Complexity Theory: DULL FIREMAN Anagram Ten Items High level analogy: Human Brain, what makes us human Analogy: Bird Flocks- Use chaos and complexity to help describe behavior Simple Analogy: Weather, where chaos theory originated, chaos is a way to descried natural phenomenon in weather, why we hate the weatherman- can never get it right. Storms are identifiable. Certain patterns are known to lead to indentifiable things, hurricanes, tornadoes. Can apply organizations to types of weather. -Human organizations not as fragile as weather, more stable Chaos Some still believe in complexity What about dot-com companies? Random disturbances cause unpredictable events. One thing can’t
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Unformatted text preview: directly affect something, it’s a bunch of things that lead to a change A particular thing reverberates, cascades through the entire system, huge affect. Ripple effect. Spontaneous self organization. Micro relationships lead to self organized flock. Napster- Too Many Variables Complexity Came from Chaos theory Can broadly predict things- can never predict minute to minute The most you can do is look at nature in terms of macro-relationships Micro rules make up the macro. Repetition. Has dynamics that hold us together Same dynamics as brain. Highly localized connections. No head neuron Lot of redundancy built into the brain. Human beings want mechanical explanations. A+B=C....
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20 - directly affect something it’s a bunch of things...

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