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MIS 220 Team Project - Katie Oden Dr. Wang MIS 220 Team...

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Katie Oden Dr. Wang MIS 220 Team Project 30 October 2007 . SKILLS CHECK: Write a project proposal Gather business requirements and perform system analysis Apply textbook knowledge learned through lectures to solve real business problems Develop a business application in a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment Acquire Domino web development skills Collaborate with team members through online collaboration tools Deliver a professional presentation II. DOMINO DESIGNER SOFTWARE INFORMATION: In this project, you will use the IBM/Lotus Domino Designer 7.0 (provided to you by the EMA department through IBM Academic Alliance Program) to design a prototype for the EMA department promotional site. If you haven’t installed the Lotus Notes Client/Designer 7.0 on your machine, please download the software and the installation manual from WebCT under Lab Sessions->Team Project->IBM/Lotus Software Download. If you don’t have a personal computer available on campus, you can use the computers in Thomas 223 to finish the project. Your user ID has been sent to you earlier through Domino Web Access , please download this ID and save it on a floppy disk or USB drive. You’ll need this ID to access the Domino server. If you have a personal computer available, you’ll only need the ID for the first time during the installation. However, if you are using a machine in Thomas 223, you’ll need the ID again. So bring your ID to our lab sessions every time.
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III. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Economics, Management and Accounting (EMA) department of Marietta College launched two new majors (MIS and Finance) in the fall of 2004. In order to promote the visibility of these two new majors, the department plans to create a promotional Web site that can: provide rich information about these two programs to both current and prospective students allow students to submit application forms for faculty consultation allow parents to request for detailed information get EMA alumni actively involved in offering internship/job opportunities and financial support allow users to submit feedback on the website through online survey forms In this project, you are assigned into different consulting teams, which will bid for the project from the EMA department of
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course MIS 220 taught by Professor Wang during the Spring '07 term at Marietta.

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MIS 220 Team Project - Katie Oden Dr. Wang MIS 220 Team...

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