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Web Strategy MIS 220

Web Strategy MIS 220 - what level we need to be pricing and...

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Web Strategy 1. We will be using an “Advertising based revenue” model for our Internet business model. The advertising will be mainly from venues and attractions on Columbiana. This is appropriate for our web site because it funds our site as well as aids our patrons to other Columbiana based activities. 2. This web site will help gain popularity and awareness of Columbiana travel. The value to the firm is another channel to communicate with the world. It is way to post information for past visitors and those interested in vacationing here for the first time. We want this page to entice people to come visit Columbiana. It will provide useful information about planning and visiting Columbiana. This will be completely marketing. 3. The company will be able to use the Internet to check out competition and see at
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Unformatted text preview: what level we need to be pricing and how much we should advertise. The Internet provides a portal to the rest of the world for the company, to be able to find new services or products. The company can use the Internet to browse resumes, for staff enhancement. 4. Our specific pages will include (but not limited to) • Home page-general information • Attraction- different variety of trips and packages • History- Our founding, awards, and developmental highlights • Local- Recent events and upcoming activities (reasons to book at certain times!) • Travel- Recommended airlines, contact information etc. Our links to outside sources will be to the CIA facebook as well as the State Dept. Travel Advisory....
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