Project Proposal MIS 220

Project Proposal MIS 220 - handwritten one is acceptable)....

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Project Proposal Cover Page, which shows the proposal title, date, consulting team name, team members and word count. (1 page) Table of Contents (1 page) Executive Summary, which highlights the main points of your proposal (1/2 page) Company Introduction (1/2 page) – Be creative, but use the client’s selection criteria as a guideline. System Analysis - Analysis of Client Needs (1 page) What are the goals of your client? Who are the target users? How will this site serve their needs? System Design – Technical Specifications (1 page) How will your system fulfill the business objectives? Provide a sketch (storyboard) of your proposed site (a
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Unformatted text preview: handwritten one is acceptable). • Your Recommendations (1-2 pages) • What are your key ideas for this promotional site? • Have other schools done something like this in the past? Do a research online and recommend the best practices to your client. • Are the advanced features (multilingual, eRouting, search capability, etc.) feasible? • Prototype Description (1-2 pages) • How does your prototype work? • Use screenshots for illustration. • Summary (1/2 page) Note: The page count for each section doe NOT include any figures or screenshots....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course MIS 220 taught by Professor Wang during the Spring '07 term at Marietta.

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Project Proposal MIS 220 - handwritten one is acceptable)....

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