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Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural

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1. Religion—a set of beliefs and patterned behaviors concerned with supernatural beings and forces; —universal in the belief of the supernatural, and diverse in beliefs and practices a. Concerns i. Causality: are events inevitable? Can other powers interfere or intervene? ii. Reality: Is the universe real? Is it a figment of divine imagination? Is it finite? How/Why did it come to exist b. Supernatural—very western idea, where science defines what is “real” —of or pertaining to or being above and beyond what is natural —unexplainable by the natural law phenomena —existing outside the natural world 2. The Religious Use of Drugs a. Drugs—a substance used as medicine in treatment of disease; almost all materials taken for reasons other than nutritional i. help people get to that “other” place ii. manipulate brain processes iii. Effect neurotransmitters 1. acetylcholine: stimulates muscle contractions, slows the heart ex: (antagonist) scopolamine, atropine (agonist) nicotine, stimulants 2. nor epinephrine: stimulates neurons
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Anth14 2 - 1 Religion-a set of beliefs and patterned...

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