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Unformatted text preview: L8-4 to like inside woman man Person Noun S(V-dict)+ Questions in Casual Speech and are dropped in question sentences. The tone of the final syllable rises at the end. Short form & Casual Speech Short form of Affirmative Sentences: nothing nothing 2 Casual Speech: You will see more sentence final particles such as, & . The" " ending of adj. and noun+ are often dropped, and people choose the way they end sentences depending on how they want to present themselves. Casual Speech 1. 2. (neutral) (maybe in a bad mood? talking to oneself?) (a friendly, delicate tone/ feeling feminine?) (a friendly, unisex tone) Casual Speech: Choosing how to present yourself (neutral) (a little blunt, may be in a bad mood?) (a friendly, delicate ,feminine tone) (a friendly, unisex tone) B Small talk at a party [Sentence(dict.) [ Noun Keep talking !!! ] Please don't ~ V( Negative: Not yet Affirmative: Still cause) (situation) ...
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